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Northern India Photo Gallery

The sacred Ganga River provides water for life and religious significance as seen here from the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.

Retail and wholesale shoppers make their selections within the busy shops of Old Delhi throughout the day.

Explore the sites with a Tuk-Tuk ride!

Visit with a local family to enjoy a true experience of local culture, cooking and customs.

Colorful images everywhere you look

Such variety of dining experiences await with delicious spices and dishes.

Stunning hand-crafted items to choose from and take home.

Ceremony is a part of daily life in India. It is so beautiful to witness the expression of spiritual connection in so many places.

Opportunities for personal growth are found in surprising places.

We will interact with so many wonderful dimensions of life in India and its people, as we explore their culture, sights and experiences.

Let the spirit of India inspire you!

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